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[08 Jan 2005|02:55am]
never write in this journal anymore

or my new one for that matter

i just thought i would say


to those of you who are actually reading this haha
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[11 Oct 2004|08:19pm]
ok so far everyne who commented to my last entry has been added to my new journal.....
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[11 Oct 2004|01:37pm]
well im making a new journal now

i dont write in hre because i hate this name now..im in the process of making all these entries friends only just because i dont want to delete it because its fun to go back and read what happend years ag

so id you feel you are worthy of being on my friends list
comment if you want me to add you to my new journal becaus its going to be friends only because i want to actually start writing in it...and i will decide if your worthy...... :)
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its the little stuff that makes me laugh [16 Jul 2004|10:15pm]
LeATHAL doSage02: im glad im not that cool
MeltMeD0wn: me too
MeltMeD0wn: i don't think i could handle Bobby Codd cool
LeATHAL doSage02: i know
LeATHAL doSage02: thats a whole level of cool that we shall never know
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In honor of 420 [21 Apr 2004|12:06am]
"if everybody smoke a blunt relieve there mind the world woould be a better place."

name that tune.

Does anyone know what 420 originated from? dont be fooled by the myths. i just read a thing online from high times where it started.
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[15 Apr 2004|12:45am]
fuck yeah i kicked my trig exams ass.
i dont think i got one wrong

no studying either

gotta wait to see the results
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[13 Apr 2004|11:29am]
i hate working wed mornings.

I can hardly write because i cant rest my hand on my paper without excruciating pain.

perhaps i should see a medical professional?
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[12 Apr 2004|10:51pm]
throwing several thousand pounds of meat by yourslef with a broken
hand/knuckle fucking sucks

im going to kill someone.

i will not stand for that.

i must say the past 3 days

i have never been so pissed off in my life.

i thought i would be calmed by now

but nope

that being said

i cant wait for adam to get back form the marines for 10 days

its going to be sweet seeing that kid again

and it will be nice to have a friend for a couple weeks.
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[09 Apr 2004|02:57pm]
she left the door open

it was bitchin

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this is all i need to say [03 Apr 2004|10:01pm]
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[02 Apr 2004|01:16pm]
well i had my interview this morning

it was only a preliminary type thing

i think it went well though

ill call them next week to see how it went


i guess everything is a go for Michigan State this weekend

it seemed as if we werent going cause cory thought he had mono but i guess not

should be fun

i havent seen smith and cap'n in awhile

im going to try and take it easy this weekend though

im gonna miss my baby though this weekend

but it will be good for her to spend some time with her friends instead of me

i love you baby....shes sleeping right now its so cute....

is she not the cutest

what bed hog

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[01 Apr 2004|03:10pm]
woo hoo

i have a job interview tommorow for a warehouse position at ultra floors

$10/hour part time

plus my meat packing job 3 days a week wich is $10/hour cash

damn that would be sweet

2 jobs plus school though could be tough

but well worth it...
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[30 Mar 2004|11:45am]
what a boring week this is shaping up to be

right now life is very uneventful.

its like i just want something good to happen to me

that being said

i really really hope i can go to central next semester

i dont see why i couldnt as long as i get in

but i should although i fucked up my first semester of


just waiting to hear back from them.

now i must go to math

i think im only going to go for a few minutes and see what

we are doing. if it is something i know i'm leaving
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[28 Mar 2004|01:00pm]
vanilla sky is s shitty ass movie

and lucid dreams kick ass

doesnt make sense
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[26 Mar 2004|11:32am]
[ mood | depressed ]

last night i was way too drunk i havent drank that much in so long.

i hate it actually

i have a problem and i need help

im an alcoholic and i cant stop drinking

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all i need to say [25 Mar 2004|02:12pm]
its fucking nice as hell out.
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[24 Mar 2004|09:31am]
yes i got a 102% on my last trig exam

and thats without even studying

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[23 Mar 2004|11:44am]
who wants to ride shotgun with me as i travel through an interdimensional gateway.

there is a consistent way i percieve the physical world as like a skin that scrolls across matter
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i need sleep [22 Mar 2004|11:00am]
[ mood | horny ]

i just got back from work today

im glad i didnt fall asleep until my alarm finally went off at 2:45

and tommorow i get to go in at 3:30am


anyways im going to go lay down with my hot ass girlfriend

i want to do her


i love my babygirl she's too damn hot i can't help it

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i wish i got more comments [21 Mar 2004|07:53pm]
i was bored so i took some old pics of brian carter at a party and made a little animation

now its rare to see brian in such a state but im sure uncle tom had something to do with causing him to puke

i love the action shot of him puking with the cigarette in his hand lmao

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