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leathal_dosage's Journal

7 November
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i love krystal
12 mile high, a&w, almonds, anti-ricer, aqua teen hunger force, arbys, beastie boys, billabong, black sabbath, blah, bowling, brownies, bullhead, burning things, c.w. mccall, canada, candy, caro, cars, chicken rings, chillin and grillin, concerts, corky's, corky's magic playhouse, cory & ryan teamstyle, crave case, cruisin gratiot, cupcakes, d-town, daytona cs, dcshoecousa, degenerate, delmonico steaks, delmonicos, denny's, dorks, driving, e-town, e3, eastpointe, emanuel on the column, etnies, factory 81, fast 4 bangers, fast ass cars, fire, food, girls, gratiot, green day, hackey sack, having sex with krystal, hockey, homer simpson, hot n now, hurley, i love krystal, incubus, jelly beans, jerry reed, jobbie nooner, jobbienooner, kik wear, kinky shit, krystal rose, krystals boobs, kryz, lapdances, lapeer, led zeppelin, lefty, linkin park, little pizzas, loving krystal, making fun of people, making out, mcmobil, meat, meatwad, metallica, mid michigan, money, movies, mudvayne, music, my baybuh, my girlfriend, my krystal, neon srt-4, nicolas cage, not being bored, old movies, old school blink, onion chips, oral sex, ozzy, pac sun, pepsi, pizza rolls, playing with fire, pool, pools, pyro, pyrotechnics, quicksilver, racing, road rage, road trips, roadvans, root beer, s&m, sealab 2021, sex, shake, sledding, sleepers, sleeping, slurpees, slyders, small people, snow boarding, snowboarding, spongebob squarepants, square patties, steam grilled, steve miller, street racing, subaru wrx, subaru wrx's, suicide machines, super nintendo, systems, the crave, the e, the simpsons, the vu, the webber kettle, turbo cars, vandalism, vipers, wc's, webber kettle platinum series, weird shit, weiss'meats and deli, white castle, wired frog, wrx's, yzf-r6